• Creditors, how do you identify potential new service providers?

    Do you have to walk the gauntlet of the exhibit hall?

    ...or be repeatedly

    approached at the bar?

    Instead, how about an intimate environment with pre-scheduled closed-door meetings, and meaningful presentations tailored to your needs?

  • Coming July 9-11, 2018: insideARM's 3rd Annual

    One-to-One Appointments Forum


    Small group atmosphere

    Participation is limited to about 25 creditors (buyers) and 25 sellers. That's it. The group stays together throughout the Forum, producing incredibly high quality interaction.


    It's all about details

    All participants complete questionnaires; buyers & sellers rank each other based on fit. Schedules are carefully developed.


    No fluff

    Just 2 days of high quality structured appointments, arranged in accordance with mutual preferences, and kept on schedule.


    Now in its 3rd year

    Creditors (buyers) have reported finding new and innovative partners with whom they were previously unfamiliar. Scroll to see more of what creditors said.

  • Additional Value for Creditors

    • Participate in an extended creditors-only best practice session - a creditor advisory board selects the most relevant topics.
    • Learn from your peers across many different industries.
    • Learn in-depth from service providers about the latest innovations in technology and compliance. 
    • There is no cost for creditors to attend. You get there, we cover the rest, including hotel* (*if your company policy allows).

  • What your (creditor) peers have said

    Outstanding forum, saves time

    Outstanding forum to meet vendors in a focused session in an in-depth face to face meeting. Eliminates the need for scheduled on-site visits which can be disruptive.

    Thank you for making it easier

    Thank you insideARM for providing this opportunity and making it easier for me to find business partners.

    Pre-Forum information was extremely helpful

    The length of the meetings was good, and the creditor session was very enjoyable. The pre-Forum exchange of information was extremely helpful.

    Great chance to meet others with similar focus

    Outstanding opportunity to meet multiple vendors and fellow creditors all with a similar focus of identifying potential business partners.

    Pleasantly surprised

    I came in as a skeptic. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the agencies, along with their diligent preparation for the sessions. I learned a lot!

    Loved the personalized information

    This event provided the best one-on-one meetings and personalized information that I could have expected.

    Found new potential business partners

    Thank you all for another great session. We were able to meet with some solid agencies, some we knew and caught up with but a couple others were new to us and pretty strong as far as consideration in future bids.

    Focused presentations without the sales hype

    The Forum was an excellent "new" format for interactions between agencies and creditors. It allowed for focused presentations without the sales hype.

  • Dallas, Texas

    July 9-11, 2018

    Crowne Plaza Dallas Near Galleria

    Addison, Texas

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